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Pennies - Your money made simple - personal finance app

Pennies is a beautifully simple money tracker. Keep up to date with the health of your money so you can spend when you want, without any worry.

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Your money, made simple

Pennies is fun, simple and effortless to use.
Keeping tabs on your money just got a whole lot easier.

Spending health

Should you spend or should you save? Pennies shows the speed that you are spending with simple colours, helping you slow down or speed up to keep you on track.

Super simple

Made a purchase? Sweet, just add it in. Pennies only cares about the numbers, no tags, charts or complex breakdowns here. Just the amount you have to spend is all you need to know.

Daily targets

Pennies does all the hard work for you by telling you how much you have to spend today. If you spend less, no worries, Pennies will give you more to spend tomorrow.

Multiple budgets

Set up as many repeatable budgets as you like - have more than one budget that you want to keep on top of? No problem, Pennies has got you covered.

One-off budgets

Going on holiday, or a big weekend away? Create one-off budgets in a matter of seconds. Just tell Pennies how much you want to spend, over how long, and you are good to go!

Joint accounts

Pennies lets you easily setup synced budgets with friends, family or partners, allowing you to track group spending across multiple devices and locations.

Friendly reminders

Sometimes we forget when we spend - that's ok. Pennies will remind you to track your spending with friendly reminders.

Spending wizard

Don’t know how big your budget should be? No worries, just use the simple spending wizard and Pennies will work it out for you.

When can I get Pennies?

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